50th edition of LIFE 4-U!!

One year of Second Life documented by the first virtual TV station.

Berlin, Febr. 10th 2008.
The 50. edition of the virtual TV magazine “LIFE 4-U” airs this weekend. With it’s weekly magazine LIFE 4-U informed it’s viewers about the latest events in the virtual world of Second Life. Since the first issue in march 2007 LIFE 4-U produced 150 contributions and 200 reports. All in all thats about 750 minutes of footage. With that, for the first time ever one year of virtual life can be documented. Highlights of the last year were the public-viewing of a concert of the chinese star piano player Lang Lang, the reports about the opening of the KDW in Second Life or a live chat with the german band Juli. The Lang Lang concert alone was viewed by over 20 thousand people.

At the moment the two founders of the first virtual TV magazine Christian Maier and Lutz Deckwerth are talking to new investors to bring the concept of LIFE 4-U to other virtual worlds.

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