“Life For You” is on air!

Welcome to Life For You – the first TV station on Second Life!

We do all of our research, filming and broadcasting exclusively in the virtual world. Our hosts Kirah Singh and Cristoph Broome present viewers with a new show each week, which can only be seen in the SL. Older shows you can see in our show archive.

But most of all, we want to act as a guide for our audiences and offer them orientation in the expanding world of Second Life. Our first steps will take us to some of the virtual world’s most exciting locations and best places to shop! News, lifestyle, entertainment . . . we’ve got it all!

You can influence our program too! Send us your stories, suggestions and tips.

***This way to the show***

To become a part of Second Life you have to install the

Imortant: You have to install Quicktime before you can watch our program!

1. Log in to Second Life.

2. In the lower menu bar, klick “search” and than enter “L4U”.
Choose “L4U – THE FIRST TV…” and klick “teleport”.

>>>>You arrive in our studio.

3. In the upper menu bar, open “edit”, and than choose „preferences”.

4. Klick “audio&video”, activate „Play Streaming video when available”
and press OK

5. In the small “movie stream” window over the lower menu bar click the
“play” symbol.

>>>>>> L4U starts!

Second Life® and Linden Lab™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.


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