Webcuts 2007

On October 11th 2007 the best internet short-films will be presented to the Berlin audience at the CineStar movie theater in the Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz and broadcasted to a movie theater in Second Life by LIFE 4-U for the worldwide audience.

With selected international contributions from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France, India, Israel, Canada, Scotland, Suisse, Serbia, Spain and USA the competition promises an exciting and entertaining evening.

Founded in 2001 as scene-event Webcuts now holds a leadership role in the world of festivals dealing with innovative and ambitious films from the internet. For the last year’s winner of “Best Film” the Webcuts-award was the beginning of many presentations on numerous festivals including a nomination for the short-movie-program “Next Generation 2007” in Cannes (May 2007). Also last year’s winner of “Best Design” was awarded this year with the “Adobe® Design Achievement Awards”

Webcuts.07 Award – Screening + Presentation of Prizes + Club Lounge
The nominated Films will be presented and awarded:
On October 11th
At 8.00 pm
At the movie theater CineStar Original/Sony Center Potsdamer Platz and at the cinerama on ideea virtual island in Second Life

Click here for more details… slurl.com/secondlife/ideea%20virtual%20island/40/59/35/

The Second Life audience can also vote for the Audience-award. Following the event this price will be awarded in the Club Lounge of the movie theater CineStar at 10.30 pm.

The event is broadcasted by LIFE 4-U into Second Life and can be seen on the islands of LIFE 4-U and “Ideea virtual island” as well as through the almost 3000 Second Life TV Receivers from the LIFE 4-U cooperation partner BRAVE NEW WORLDS.

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